Functional CRM Consulting Services

We help small and medium-sized businesses transform their CRM operations; ahead of their customer's expectations.

Our depth of knowledge in technologies businesses use enables us to implement Salesforce CRM in alignment with your business operating model.

We apply dynamic methods in implementing a customized system for your business and provide ongoing services necessary to help you realize significant returns from the investment in your people and CRM technology.

enthyco is a Salesforce® Functional Consultancy poised to help businesses transform their CRM operations for optimal outcomes.


Functional Consultancy

We enable and reinforce our client’s vision of CRM operations within their unique business.

Transforming your CRM Operations using Salesforce®. enthyco's CRM Selection


Make the best decision in selecting a CRM software to scale and grow your business.

A Salesforce® Functional Consultancy. Transforming your CRM Operations using Salesforce®. enthyco's QuickStart+ Services Image.


Launch your new CRM operations within eight weeks or fewer with QuickStart+.

Transforming your CRM Operations using Salesforce®. enthyco's Migration Service Image.


Let enthyco bring your CRM processes into the next technology revolution.

Transforming your CRM Operations using Salesforce®. enthyco's Implementation Services Image.


From concept throught to production launch. enthyco is with you every step.

A Salesforce® Functional Consultancy. enthyco's Integration Services Image.


Get insight from other data sources within the CRM's intuitive interface.

Transforming your CRM Operations using Salesforce®. enthyco's Training Service Image.


Equip your users with the know-how of exceeding your customer's expectations.

A Salesforce® Functional Consultancy. Transforming your CRM Operations using Salesforce®. enthyco's Adoption Services Image.


Increase user engagement and interest in Salesforce® CRM through gamification.

A Salesforce® Functional Consultancy. enthyco Support Services Icon.


Get viable solutions to problems that limit how your business adapts to change.



Pronounced ‘en•THē•kō means Enabling, Regenerative, and Coadjutant.

As a Functional Consultancy company, our primary focus is on customizing Salesforce® CRM to increase the long-term value of small and medium-sized businesses. enthyco operates in alignment with the principles of a Benefits Corporation; Committing to higher standards of purpose, accountability, and transparency.

We draw upon cognate experience from disparate areas to form analyses, from the understanding of our clients’ business challenges, then apply our competence in providing viable solutions.



enthyco knows the capabilities of Salesforce® CRM. Beyond our technical adeptness, the added value we proffer to our clients is our ability to draw upon cognate experience from disparate areas to form analyses, in context, about clients’ business challenges. We use the results to develop and execute innovative solutions that solve said problems to scale.

enthyco’s expertise coalesces and enables us to extend experiences that bring our client’s vision to fruition. Salesforce is a CRM system with immense capabilities. We are learning more about them each day. Staying abreast of the changes and enhancement is vital to your CRM transformation, optimization, and management. Where necessary, we fill our gaps by tapping into reliable resources within the Salesforce® ecosystem.

We are coadjutant. Thus, we collaborate instead of competing because we know the significance of accomplishment is the inclusion of others with differing ideas. If there is a problem, we will find a viable and cost-efficient solution.

Business Decisions

Our clients trust us and rest with the assurance that we are looking out for their best interests.



Above all, enthyco implements solutions that will provide your business with the insight it needs to yield positive results from the investment in Salesforce® CRM. Our functional consulting services will enable sustainable growth and increase the long-term value of your business.

We start by conducting discovery meetings. During these sessions, we gain a clear understanding of how your business operates, the immediate challenges, and gaps. Aligning the capabilities of Salesforce® CRM with your business processes, we develop a custom data model for your unique instance. The next step in our approach is to outline a comprehensive implementation plan. Then we implement the design delivering increments of the solution up to completion.

Training is imperative to success and is a standard part of our services. We are dynamic in implementing the CRM and guiding our clients through the lifecycle of achieving the successful transformation of CRM operations within their business.

Transforming your CRM operations using Salesforce®.


What our clients are saying?

We use enthyco as our Tier 2 experts when our Salesforce Administration requirements go beyond our day-to-day management. We call enthyco before calling Salesforce Customer Support as they are responsive, knowledgeable, and efficient. They provide an effective way to have expertise on staff without the need to have an in-house employee.

Alan Brooks, VP of Marketing
Breakwater Solutions

enthyco worked with us to understand our organization and custom-create a system that works for us and our very complex siloed organization. Now when data flows into the system, it flows to each of those silos that need it.

Camryn Holt, Retirement & Investment Consultant
Wealthplan Advisors

Ty did a fantastic job building out our CRM. There were some hurdles that were out of our control that he handled and overcome without involving us at all - He was amazing to work with and I will recommend him to anyone. Very creative, knowledgeable, and resourceful.

Ethan Minter, CFO
Minter Mortgage

Setting up a functional CRM had been a challenge prior to reaching out to Ty. He was able to handle all of our issues in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend enthyco.

Joseph Mulry, Sales Manager
The Giddyup Group

Tyrone is extremely punctual and communicative. I hired him for a rush project and that is what he delivered. We needed a little unexpected TLC to fully implement, which he proactively offered. He went well above and beyond and has impressed me, and I have been hiring online vendors for over a decade.

Joe Tafolla, CEO
Seattle's Mortgage Broker

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Our Functional Consulting Services enables significant growth and long-term value for your business.

enthyco will transform your CRM operations, maximize your business' efficiency, and help you capitalize on the full features and benefits of Salesforce®.