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We build a solid foundation for creating long-term value and enabling the vision of Salesforce CRM within your business.

Salesforce® Functional Consultancy Services.

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Salesforce® Functional Consultancy Services.


Functional Consultancy

Our Salesforce® Functional Consultancy services enable and reinforce our client’s vision of CRM operations within their unique business. We optimize Salesforce® CRM to ensure your Sales team’s use of the system increases their efficiency and effectiveness. Throughout our interaction, stakeholders will get insight and recommendations necessary for performance improvement. Our services will position your business to offer memorable experiences to your clients or customers.

Experience shows us how dynamic a company must be to remain relevant and competitive. As a result, we follow Salesforce guidelines, layer your operating processes on top of the CRM and customize the system so your business reaps significant benefits. enthyco provides training to enable your teams to conduct business at a propensity that fosters notable competitive edge and innovation ahead of expectations. You will have enthyco’s support post production launch to drive continual success.

CRM Selection Service Image

You have options, and we think you should explore them. Selection of any technology can be a daunting activity. We know it is challenging to match the needs of the business with the best-fit CRM without having enough information. And gathering relevant details requires conversations with all the right people. Other priorities limit your available time to conduct these sessions. Additional delays result in loss of opportunities and higher operating expenses for your business. enthyco is available to apply our expertise in vendor selection in helping your business cross this hurdle. We meet with stakeholders to identify their needs and wants. We know technology and business process alignments are imperatives to successful adoption and a positive return on investment.

Hence, we conduct our requirements-gathering process with your overarching vision and technology strategy at the forefront. enthyco’s deliverable is a comprehensive requirement metric that you will add to your CRM Request for Quote (RFQ). The information we present will also facilitate decision-making in evaluating the options.

Taking this a step further, we will be with you during the dialogue with prospective CRM software providers. We know the questions to ask for uncovering gaps that will impact your business when you need to scale. And we understand the importance of making the best decision and gains in long-term value.

Technology is useless if it does not meet your business needs. And making a CRM selection based on opinion will have a negative impact. enthyco’s Salesforce® Functional Consultancy Services comprise expertise in evaluating and selecting cloud software providers. Contact enthyco if your business needs a CRM and you are uncertain of which to choose.

QuickStart+ Service Image

QuickStart+ enables existing clients to refresh the system and allows new subscribers needing minimal customization to conduct business using Salesforce® CRM within eight weeks or fewer. This service also helps companies with the need to take Salesforce® Easy to the next level. Collaboration between enthyco and a liaison within your company is necessary for success. This individual must also have the authority to take action and be available and effective at leading the initiative internally. To deliver a working system within this limited timeline, we must begin by clearly understanding relevant business processes.

Where necessary, we will make recommendations for optimizing them for higher efficiency. What follows is the development of a scope of work and implementation plan for customizing Salesforce® CRM. Starting from a clean slate with minimal customization and automation requirements enables us to complete your implementation at a fast pace.

From Essentials to Enterprise Edition, our QuickStart+ service is available for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Non-Profit Success Pack, and others.

Migration Service Image

Migrations extend Functional Consultancy Services enthyco offers. Migration may be an independent project. For example, from Salesforce® Classic to Lightning Experience, transitioning from other CRMs to Salesforce®, or inserting data from external sources. Thus, making Salesforce® the system of truth for all your customer data. enthyco understands the pitfalls of conducting migrations and the importance of maintaining data integrity and relationships thereof.

enthyco’s Salesforce® Functional Consultancy Services offers proven expertise in performing migrations. We will perform the full scope from planning through to the actual migration seamlessly. Salesforce® reports, post-migration, will enable your teams to make the best business decisions with top priority placed on the interest of your customers or clients.

Implementation Service Image

There are several imperatives to a successful implementation of Salesforce© CRM. Most important is gaining a clear understanding of current business processes. Without this, no technology available today will solve the challenges your business is facing. enthyco starts every implementation with discovery sessions. Our goal is to uncover all activities integral to the daily operations of your business.

During this phase, we work with your team to optimize your business processes. Next, we develop a preliminary design and outline the best approach for implementing Salesforce© CRM within a reasonable timeline.

We prioritize deliverables to enable the use of the CRM in iteration. Validation and testing are two important factors at each stage of the implementation. We foster communication and collaboration to drive continual improvement and development throughout the project. Training provides your users with the knowledge necessary to drive the adoption and transformation of your business’ CRM operations. The training we provide enables high levels of trust and positive feedback from your customers.

As your Salesforce© CRM solution partner, enthyco will be there by your side to continue to bolster your business’ effectiveness and efficiency. Together we will achieve outcomes others perceive to be impossible.

Integration Service Image

The number of applications a business uses increases as it grows. Some of these applications offer seamless integrations with Salesforce® while others require custom coding to pass data between them.

Our integration service will enable your business to gain a clear picture of your customer. We will accomplish this by using a declarative method or writing the code necessary to connect the systems. The outcome will be little effort necessary to uncover opportunities for improving your business’ interaction with customers, process improvement, and revenue increases.

Real-time or on a schedule, enthyco will integrate disparate systems with Salesforce® so your business can analyze vital data within the CRM.

Training Service Image

There are a variety of Salesforce® CRM training resources available. Though, organizations must empower users by giving them a clear view of how their Salesforce® instance complements the daily operations and workflows of the business. Training is an activity that companies often overlook because of the “build it, and they will come” mindset.

We have seen the impact skipping this step has on businesses. 80% of companies that neglect to ensure users get adequate training experience a significant decline in the adoption of the CRM within six months. Lack of proper training is a barrier to adoption.

Including training as a part of the implementation plan increases the success rate. Adequate training increases customer satisfaction, boosts productivity, and increases adoption post-implementation. enthyco will help your business integrate Salesforce® CRM with its culture and purpose. And identify the best approach to reward employees to achieve the highest adoption rate.

Adoption Service Image

As new technology emerges, businesses approach innovation in separate ways. There are scenarios where your company is an innovator or early adopter. In other scenarios, your company may be in the “late majority” or “laggard” category. Regardless of where you stand, your business must act to enable outcomes that reinforce the decision to implement the technology. In the use case for Salesforce CRM, being an innovator or early adopter can be helpful.

Early adoption enables a competitive edge for the business, which the “late majority” and others will find difficult to achieve. enthyco understands the challenges within each category of adoption. To help our clients maximize the benefits of implementing Salesforce® CRM, we execute strategies that drive high adoption rates, positive return on investment, and business growth.

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enthyco provides a variety of post-implementation support services to ensure a smooth transition to your Salesforce® Administrator. Based on your business needs, we offer ongoing support for managing your Salesforce® CRM instance; Short-term or indefinitely. We are at your service if you need help in optimizing Salesforce® or adding new capabilities.

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