Enabling, regenerative, and coadjutant in helping small and medium-size businesses transform their CRM operations

At the intersection of business and technology, unwavering values reinforce our conduct.

A Salesforce® Functional Consultancy

Company Profile

enthyco, pronounced ‘en•THē•kō means Enabling, Regenerative, and Coadjutant. enthyco is a Salesforce® Functional Consultancy company with a team of experienced and certified Salesforce® professionals. Our team specializes in providing Functional Consulting Services for Salesforce CRM software, including implementation, optimization, and administration.

In addition to our Salesforce expertise, we offer deep knowledge in business analysis, project and program management, technology evaluation and selection, and Digital Transformation. By combining these competencies, we gain a clear understanding of your business technology roadmap and implement or optimize Salesforce for optimal outcomes.

Our clients have experienced significant benefits from our services. As your Salesforce® Functional Consulting solution partner, we optimize your business processes and help you exploit Salesforce CRM for continual growth. Our outcomes include notable increases in customer acquisition and retention, as well as positive returns on your investment.

At enthyco, we specialize in helping small and medium-sized businesses maximize their use of Salesforce® CRM for Sales, Service, Marketing Engagement.

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The Six Pillars at the Core of Our Business

Pillar 1


Understanding needs and identifying tools for enabling success

Pillar 2


Aligning systems and stakeholders to maximize benefits

Pillar 3


Using the CRM’s out-of-the-box capabilities to deliver value

Pillar 4


Using data and the best technologies to deliver excellence

Pillar 5


Identifying catalysts for issues and eliminating obstacles

Pillar 6


Helping our clients maximize the ROI from their investment


Our core values guide everything we do. They are obligatory at every stage of our interaction with each other, our partners, and our clients. We put these values into practice by holding ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards, treating everyone with respect and dignity, and working collaboratively to achieve our shared goals.

ABOUT enthyco: A Salesforce® Functional Consultancy.

Two hands shaking representing enthyco's value: Trust


At enthyco, we prioritize trust and prioritize protecting the interests of our partners and clients. Our conduct is transparent, ethical, and reliable, allowing our partners and clients to rest assured that we are working in their best interests.

A key representing enthyco's Value: Enabling


We use outcome-driven approaches to identify and remove impediments that hinder your business's growth. By analyzing your specific needs and implementing tailored solutions, we help you scale your business and achieve long-term success.

A maze with path representing enthyco Value: Coadjutant.


We use our expertise and competent ecosystem resources to increase your business' long-term value. In complement, we use data and insight to identify opportunities and implement strategies that drive growth and sustainability.

Our M.V.O


enthyco's mission is to guide our clients through the complex process of CRM technology transformation, leveraging our expertise to ensure a seamless transition. By prioritizing a customer-first approach, we help our clients achieve optimal outcomes that increase customer satisfaction and drive business growth.


To become the world's most trusted and innovative Salesforce® Functional Consultancy company. Through our commitment to coadjutant partnerships with our clients, we aim to enable them to achieve their goals and maximize their return on investment. By leveraging our expertise in the latest Salesforce® technologies and offering exceptional customer service, we will continue to set ourselves apart as an industry leader.

Operating Principle

enthyco is committed to conducting business with distinction by staying true to our purpose, being accountable for our actions, and maintaining transparency in our operations. We achieve this by regularly evaluating our performance against our core values, taking ownership of our mistakes, and communicating openly with our clients and partners. By consistently upholding these standards, we earn the trust and loyalty of those we work with.